"In 2008 we started using DialysisPPO and have been extremely pleased with the outcome. Since first working with them, we have saved $2,592,272 or 76% of total dialysis billed charges. This has been wonderful, especially in a down market, savings of any amount have been very important. I would highly recommend the company."

Human Resources Director, Carolinas Manufacturer

Preserve Plan Assets

Medicare is the primary payer for approximately 75% of all dialysis patients. To compensate for lower Medicare reimbursement rates, providers typically charge very high rates to self-funded health plans. It is not uncommon for billed charges to exceed 3000% of the Medicare allowable amount for the same services. Our unique, patented solution saves an average of 80%. Preserve plan assets for other benefits, not outsized provider profits.

Improved Benefits for Members

Plan members undergoing kidney dialysis are often eligible for additional insurance coverage under the Medicare program, regardless of their age. We work with members to assist them in navigating this unique Medicare entitlement. There is no cost to the member, and the additional benefits may help cover the cost of deductibles, coinsurance and other costs.

Reduce Stop-Loss Lasers

End-Stage Renal Disease ("ESRD") is a perennial top-five catastrophic stop-loss claim condition. It is not uncommon for reinsurance programs to require lasers up to $475,000 for members undergoing kidney dialysis for the treatment of ESRD. We have been successful in significantly reducing lasers. In fact, in many cases, stop-loss vendors familiar with the success of our program have completely removed all lasers.

Easy Implementation - We Do The Work

Simple. Easy. Fast. Our solution is turn-key. We have all of the tools and operational capabilities to help you get your clients up and running with our program in a matter of days. We take care of everything.