“We began working with DialysisPPO in 2010, and we have been very fortunate to be associated with their team in reducing dialysis claims by almost 80%, with no adverse consequences such as attempts to balance bill the employee. DialysisPPO has saved our reinsurance carriers millions and often results in the removal of lasers. We highly recommend DialysisPPO based on their results, excellent service, and professionalism in dealing with claims issues.”

President/CEO, Midwest Stop-Loss Intermediary

Reduce Stop-Loss Lasers

End-Stage Renal Disease ("ESRD") is a perennial top-five catastrophic stop-loss claim condition. It is not uncommon for reinsurance programs to require lasers up to $475,000 for members undergoing kidney dialysis for the treatment of ESRD. We have been successful in significantly reducing lasers. In fact, in many cases, stop-loss entities familiar with the success of our program have completely removed all lasers.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Approximately $13 - $16 PEPM of stop-loss premium is attributable to the risk of incurring an expensive ESRD claim - now averaging about $1,100,000. Our patented program reduces this risk to under $75,000, enabling stop-loss entities to offer more competitive programs. Win more business by mitigating health plan exposure to expensive dialysis claims.

Over-Spec/Laser Solutions

It’s only two months into the policy year, and an unexpected dialysis case presents. Our program provides immediate financial relief, enabling stop-loss entities to stop next-dollar, high-cost payouts to dialysis providers. The program can be implemented at any time during the plan year, including off-renewal cycle. Improve financial performance.

Easy Implementation - We Do The Work

Simple. Easy. Fast. Our solution is turn-key. We have all of the tools and operational capabilities to help you get your clients up and running with our program in a matter of days. We take care of everything.