“Dialysis treatment for End-Stage Renal Disease is one of the most expensive healthcare events a plan sponsor can experience. DialysisPPO has been a valued partner for us since 2009, assisting us to effectively manage our client’s dialysis costs. They provide excellent, flexible service. I would recommend them to any group looking for a solution to control the high cost of dialysis.”

President, Northeast Brokerage

Gain Competitive Advantage

Competition in the benefits marketplace post-PPACA has never been greater. Kidney dialysis for the treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease is one of the most expensive, chronic conditions faced by plan sponsors. Brokers that offer our patented program can save their clients an average of $1,200,000 per dialysis member annually. Win more business by saving clients on expensive dialysis.

Preserve Client’s Plan Assets

Medicare is the primary payer for approximately 75% of all dialysis patients. To compensate for lower Medicare reimbursement rates, providers typically charge very high rates to self-funded health plans. It is not uncommon for billed charges to exceed 3000% of the Medicare allowable amount for the same services. Our unique, patented solution saves an average of 80%. Preserve plan assets for other benefits, not outsized provider profits.

New Product for Existing Clients

Leverage the value of your existing client relationships with a solution to a perennial top-five catastrophic claim condition. A new arrow in your quivver that underscores the value you bring in reducing your client's healthcare spend - with no risk. There are no up-front or implementation costs - we only charge a fee if we save your client money.

Easy Implementation - We Do The Work

Simple. Easy. Fast. Our solution is turn-key. We have all of the tools and operational capabilities to help you get your clients up and running with our program in a matter of days. We take care of everything.